Restrict FROM address with AWS SES domain identities

aws security snippets
Use conditional keys in your SES IAM policies to prevent attackers impersonating your staff.

Drush 8 Exit Code Workaround

drupal snippets bash
A bug in older versions of drush stop errors bubbling up to shell exit codes. Use this snippet to work-around the problem.

Force git to use HTTPS

snippets git
Occasionally you'll encounter an issue where you can't clone git repositories via ssh. Use this trick to force cloning over HTTPS.

Log in to GitHub Docker registry with just a token

github snippets bash
GitHub's new package registry needs both a username and password to authenticate. Use this snippet to derive the username from a token.

Get personal Slack tokens from the web interface

slack snippets
Slack have deprecated personal tokens, but you may still want to script some stuff. Hack your way to success!

Improve your bash scripts with this boilerplate template

snippets bash
Bash is a finnicky beast. Use this template to make your scripts behave more reliably.

How to generate temporary download links to S3 objects

aws security snippets s3
Pre-signed URLs are a great way to share large files without giving the recipient permanent access. Learn how to use the AWS CLI to create links that expire after a certain amount of time.

AWS KMS cryptographic operations on the command line

aws security snippets
Leverage AWS KMS on the command line using these simple commands.

How to use count with data resources in Terraform

hashicorp terraform snippets
Terraform allows you to loop over resources using the count parameter, including data resources.