Restrict FROM address with AWS SES domain identities

aws security snippets
Use conditional keys in your SES IAM policies to prevent attackers impersonating your staff.

Cleanup Large S3 Buckets

s3 aws
S3 buckets with thousands or millions of objects and/or revisions can be extremely slow and painful to cleanup. Here's a tool to do this faster.

How to generate temporary download links to S3 objects

aws security snippets s3
Pre-signed URLs are a great way to share large files without giving the recipient permanent access. Learn how to use the AWS CLI to create links that expire after a certain amount of time.

AWS KMS cryptographic operations on the command line

aws security snippets
Leverage AWS KMS on the command line using these simple commands.

Encrypted Drupal Database Connections with Amazon RDS

drupal security aws
Malicious users can intercept or monitor plaintext data transmitting across unencrypted networks, jeopardising the confidentiality of sensitive data in Drupal applications. This tutorial will show you how to mitigate this type of attack by encrypting your database queries in transit.

How to build self-deploying applications with Terraform and BitBucket Pipelines.

hashicorp terraform aws s3 hugo
A case study of rebuilding on Hugo.

How to peer two AWS VPCs using Terraform

hashicorp terraform aws networking
A practical example of using Terraform to peer 2 AWS VPCs, configure route tables, and test connectivity between subnets.